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The main difference of this portal from other websites is a real opportunity to enter the university that is located in our catalog! Here you can get acquainted with the university you like, get the necessary information about it and also learn all the details of the admission. In the section of each institution you will find many useful details. Our base is regularly expanding, replenishing with new universities of various specialization. To date, it contains information on more than 500 educational institutions that have been accredited. Partners with whom we cooperate are popular universities in their countries. There are also more than 50 scholarships described on the portal, among which you will find the one, that is right for you! Analyzing customer requests, we are constantly improving our service, so that finding the right information for the entrant is simple and useful at the same time. Use the services of our website and go to the university of your dreams without leaving home. This is your real chance to study in the most beautiful cities and get an international diploma!


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